About D.A.T.S

Our powerful, cost-effective data acquisition & testing solutions.

We are Data Acquisition & Testing Services provides data acquisition, test and measurement, instrumentation, analysis and consultancy services across a wide spectrum of industries, from aerospace to textiles.  Our office is based near Derby with field engineers located around the country.  We are able to offer our services outside the UK and are happy to work almost anywhere around the world.

We deliver our services with genuine hands-on experience, expertise and technical knowledge.

What we do

So, what exactly is data acquisition?

Data acquisition is measurement of the real world, to generate data that can be manipulated by a computer. Sometimes known as Data Logging, DAQ or DAS, data acquisition involves digitally sampling signals and waveforms, then processing the signals to obtain desired information.

The acquired or raw data is a series of measurements over time, from a transducer or sensor that converts a physical quantity such as strain, stress, temperature, pressure, displacement, relative humidity, light, noise, resistance, current, power, speed, vibration etc., into a voltage that is then converted by a digital to analogue converter (DAC) into a binary number.

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Data Engineering Solutions

How will our services benefit your business?

We can collect raw unprocessed measurement data or process and analyse it to meet industry or your specifications. Further to this we can provide independent reports and recommend engineering solutions.  Alternatively you may have existing test and measurement capabilities, Data Acquisition & Testing Services are happy to work with your engineers and designers, to supplement or bring extra expertise to your business.